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Engine Development – Introduction

October 25, 2011

Hello and welcome to the Dragon-Engine development project.

To start off, my name is Ross Forshaw. An avid Programmer and Director of Linx Online Ltd, a small software development company that loves to develop software, with an exceptional passion for games-programming.  With this Blog I aim to detail the progression of building a game-engine and the development of an actual game. Writing about the different systems involved in a game-engine and how I implemented them for our game.

My passion for games development began at the early age of twelve. When I first played Crash Bandicoot 2 on the original Playstation. With my interest sparked, I began developing my own grandeur games on any piece of paper at hand.

At the ripe age of fourteen I began learning how to make maps for Soldier Of Fortune 2. Many of them never to see the light of day, and many that should never have seen the light of day. With the new found experience in map design, I tried my hand at modelling and animation using the renowned Blender3D. It would take two years of learning, but in the end it was worth it.

Though I have a deep interest in graphic design, my passion lay in programming. During my secondary education I taught myself Java and afterwards began learning C++.

Going to University I learned a great deal about games programming from some of the best lecturers in Scotland: Dr. Daniel Livingstone, Dr. John Sutherland, and Mr. Alistair McMonnies. My drive in university was to build my own cross-platform game-engine. Which I managed in third year with the development of the Moombacoot engine. My Honours dissertation was focused on AI development, in which I created an AI framework for programmers.

Learning from my past mistakes with the Moombacoot engine and AI framework, I have set out to develop a new modular engine, the Dragon Engine. It has already been in development for a few months, with most of the major systems already implemented. The graphics system is rather primitive, though there are plans on improving that.

Here is a short video of the most recent Developments :

I have yet to decide whether I will post on a weekly or monthly basis. However the next post will go into details on the overall engine design and will have more programming content than just my past history. I promise!


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